Real Experience.

Woven into the fabric of our externships is a real-life application. We put our curriculum to practice by providing on-location training in New Orleans’ top restaurants, bars, night clubs, and music venues. These training spaces provide individual students with a weekly assigned externship opportunity. This unites the class with spaces to learn about different types of service. Based on our externs’ individual goals, we may place them in a hotel, restaurant, wine bar, or dive bar. New Orleans boasts an array of dynamic options. Our goal is to open the doors to a diverse landscape of opportunities where our externs will shine.

Culture of Cocktails.

Turning Tables provides in-depth cocktail education by centering our curriculum around learning cocktail families. In this way, our externs are able to gain a broad understanding of classics, modern classics, and original cocktail creation. Our curriculum features guest speakers, brand ambassadors, distillers, and sommeliers.

Developing a relationship with cocktails starts with learning about their raw materials. We take our externs to the source to learn topics ranging from herbalism to the fermentation of Louisiana sugar cane.

Beyond Training.

Our holistic approach to cocktail apprenticeship ensures there will be a support system for externs after training. Our community partners provide essential services such as counseling, inclusivity training, and other professional development services.


The cornerstone of our training program is mentorship. Our externs are guided through their curriculum with the support of an industry mentor. This builds comfort and visibility for each student while growing their professional hospitality network. During training, there will be opportunities for them to create new cocktails, interact with industry professionals, and build economic opportunities through events and pop-ups. Mentors continue to build this professional network alongside their trainee after graduation, with the shared goal of changing the face of New Orleans’ hospitality industry.