2023 Alumni - Cohort 4

Rachel Johnson

“Finding myself, my worth, my peace and my culture …”

“The hard work and racism that many famous African American contributors suffered behind the founding scenes of hospitality and alcohol industry in America disgusted me but did not shock me because we contribute to every historical aspect.”

Thomas Moore IV

“The sense of safety and community I feel in my Turning Tables family, I didn’t know I needed a place to be myself, but I know now I deserve a place that is waiting for me and more. What’s even more dope is I have a family of solid individuals that is going to push me to be best mixologist I can be.”

Ari Ballard

“In the midst of finding myself, I found something even better, a community with individuals on the same journey as me.”

“My family has always worked to establish equity and inclusion through public relations. Just nice to know, I am following down their path.”

Bobbi Rae

Bobbi is a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist and overall Performing Artist hailing from From a Small Town Called Slidell (45 min outside Of the Beautiful City of New Orleans.) Growing up in a family with a lot of love and passion to give, Bobbi says “all I ever wanted to do, in whatever I did, was spread that same energy with others! With her roots from the Caribbeans (Nassau Bahamas) Music, Elixirs, Community and True expression of self resides in her DNA!

Bobbi’s Eclectic style of music has allotted her many opportunities to travel the country (USA) as well as internationally capturing audiences doing what she loves.Bobbi states that her biggest accomplishment with music was the opportunity to tour brazil for 30 days, 12 different state, and performing for an audience, that even though didn't speak her language connected with her based on the music, the energy, the vibes. That opened her eyes to what real synergy means. Bobbi has found over the years in both careers, guest to guest and audience to audience is that people just want to feel loved, heard, appreciated, understood, and experience Happiness, even if it’s moment to moment, and through music and libation she has been allotted the privilege to bring both to her community as well as yours!

Outside or Music and Bartending, you can Definitely find Bobbi In the Gym Crushing 2200 Steps on the stair master, biking 10 miles uptown, Or rollerblading in Audubon park.

Larry Webster

“From an expanding palate to opportunities all around, I’m proud to say I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

L’Chnel Scott

Bio Coming Soon

TJ Domino

Bio Coming Soon

Angie McGuiness

“I joined Turning Tables to expand my knowledge of the beverage industry in a space that not just acknowledged but celebrated my identity in the service industry. As the weeks have progressed my expectations for Turning Tables have since evolved, along with my goals and my skill set. I believe Turning Tables has the ability to become a truly industry changing entity. Though we focus on the history and classics of cocktail making, Turning Tables has given me the confidence to challenge what our beverage industry maintains and values. As our world shifts, it is our responsibility to shift with it, to seek out the areas behind the bar and within ourselves that make us uncomfortable, to shine light on the unique strengths our community has to offer. Turning Tables has reminded me of the importance of community over ego, communion over capitalism and that we as an industry still have a long way to go towards equity and inclusion. I will now and always be grateful to Turning Tables for enabling me to take the first step in that direction.”

Paris Williams

Bio Coming Soon

Ryiah Ester

Bio Coming Soon

Sim Harris

“It’s so much more than just a class, it’s a community of people who want the best for themselves and each other. 

Ken Barnes

Bio coming soon.

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